Stopping Golden Retrievers Jumping up on People


Golden Retrievers are some of the most popular dogs in the world. They are loving, loyal, and affectionate companions to their owners. However, if you get a Golden Retriever as your pet and it leaps up on people, you may be frustrated by this behavior.

Dogs usually jump on the people they meet to get their attention. However, these attention-seeking jumps are often dangerous and annoying for human beings. 

Are you worried about this habit of your dog? No more worries because proper training can stop your dogs and puppies from jumping.

However, teaching Golden Retrievers not to jump is quite challenging. All of your problems will resolve, like the spoiling of the dress due to the dog with muddy paws. But when you plan to teach them, you should be patient during the dog training. 

In this blog post, we will discuss how to stop your Golden Retriever from jumping on people. 

Why Do Your Golden Retrievers Jump on People?

There are various reasons for which dogs and puppies usually jump. Before training your dog, you need to understand when and why your Golden Retriever jumps. Following are some of the reasons why your dog jumps. 


It has been observed that most dogs jump upon people to seek your attention. If you don’t pay attention to your puppies and dogs when away, you need to change your behavior. Pay your Golden Retrievers proper attention when they are calm rather than when they jump up on you. 


If your dog jumps upon you and your family whenever you enter the home, it might be because of excitement. Dogs usually jump on their owner in excitement to meet you at your face. You can get rid of this type of jumping by properly training them to greet by sitting. 


When you observe your dog start jumping upon you suddenly, something can be wrong. If your Golden Retriever is not used to jumping upon you, this abrupt jumping behavior can result from some fear or illness. You need to take your dog for a medical checkup in such a situation. 

Rewarding Behaviour

Another common reason that encourages dogs to jump is getting rewards. If you reward them with food or anything they want when they jump on you, you need to change your behavior. Train them properly about getting food and reward in a seated position rather than jumping. 

Negative Impacts that Show the Need to Stop Golden Retrievers From Jump

People usually love when puppies jump upon them. But if your dog has grown up and still jumps up on people, it can be dangerous. You need to stop your adult dog from jumping up. Here are some of the negative impacts that you will have to tolerate if your Golden Retriever continues jumping upon you:

  • Dirty dog’s paws can spoil your clothes. 
  • Your clothes can get ripped out by a dog’s nails.
  • Kids can get traumatized if a dog jumps upon them. 
  • Your dog's abrupt jump can disturb your body balance and hurt you.
  • Fully grown Golden Retrievers can knock out kids, adults, and old, creating a terrible scenario. 

Steps You Need To Take For Stopping Golden Retrievers Jumping up on People

Here are some of the key steps you should take to make your Golden Retriever stop jumping on people.

Discourage Their Jumping Behaviour

If your dog jumps up on you in excitement, you should discourage his behavior. The best way to stop your Golden Retrievers from jumping upon you in excitement is to ignore them. They will stop jumping up on you when you do not give them attention or their desired response. Be patient while training your dog to stop jumping up on the people. 

Stop Rewarding Them on Jumps

You should adopt a habit of ignoring your Golden Retriever every time he jumps. If you reward or give food to your dog for this behavior, stop doing so. Make sure nobody in your vicinity gives attention and rewards your dog's negative behavior. Because even if a single person favours your dog's negative jumping behavior, the situation can worsen.

Train Your Dog For Conflicting Behaviour

Start giving proper training to your Golden Retriever because he doesn't know how to meet by sitting. Ask him to sit and then reward him due to the adoption of this inconsistent behavior. For example, food, toys, or anything you use to reward your dog upon jumping, start giving him on sitting. 

Many dogs are familiar with sitting, but no worries if your Golden Retriever is not. Ask him to sit every time he says hello to you and adore him for obeying you. Praise and treat your dog kindly when he sits peacefully. Rewarding and treating your dog with love and care is very necessary every time he follows your asked instructions. 

Things To Remember While Training Your Golden Retriever Stop Jumping

Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind while training your dog not to jump on people. 

  • Be calm while meeting with your dog. 
  • Don’t show excitement and pleasure upon your dog’s jump.
  • Keep him away from distractions like doorbells and horns at first to suppress his excitement.
  • Be patient and stay consistent to make your dog used to conflicting behavior. 
  • Never panic while training your dog, as it can do more worse than better. 
  • Never punish your dog upon jumping.
  • Never throw your dog away if he jumps up on you, as it can hurt him.
  • Never bring your knee in the chest to stop the dog from greeting you, as it can hurt you.

Concluding Remarks

Unlike other dogs, Golden Retrievers are special and need more attention as they stand by their owner like a faithful friend. You might be ignoring their jumps upon you because of such a lovely role in your life. But your Golden Retriever can hurt your loved ones. So teaching him good manners is very crucial. 

Training your dog properly not to jump upon people will give you the freedom of hanging with your family and friends in the company of your Golden Retriever. Train and enjoy your Golden Retriever company everywhere you want. 

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