Good Boy Extra Large Chomp Stix Dog Treats - 40 Stix
The Good Boy Pawsley & Co Extra Large Chomp Stix are naturally healthy long-lasting chews to keep larger breed dogs busy for a while. Made from 100% rawhide that has been twisted into easy to hold sticks, each chew has...
Good Boy Chicken Rolls Bumper Pack Dog Treats - 340g
Made with premium quality rawhide for an ideal daily chewing aid for dogs, the Good Boy Pawsley and Co Chicken Rolls are the perfect beneficial and longer lasting chew for dogs, designed to encourage positive chewing behaviour whilst promoting cleaner,...
Good Boy Chicken Bonies Dog Treats - 450g
Bumper pack for great value, chicken & rice flavour for extra taste, Lite rice based chew for a healthy treat, Bumper pack for great valuechicken & rice flavour for extra tasteLite rice based chew for a healthy treat
Good Boy Beef Bonies Dog Treats - 450g
The Armitage Good Boy Beef Bone is the yummy munchies that will surely make your dog happy and excited! This tasty treat is an ideal reward choice for training your pet dogs with a delicious beef flavour. It’s highly palatable...
Good Boy Beef Rolls Bumper Pack Dog Treats - 340g
Good boy Beef Rolls have a added beef flavour for extra taste. Beef Rolls from Goodboy help promote healthy teeth and gums as well as helps fight plaque and tarter. Key Benefits; Rolled rawhide flavoured with beef, Ideal for maintaining...

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