Collars, Harnesses, Leads & Tags

157 products
Want a complete set? We have harnesses, collars, leads, tags and matching sets so that you can go for walkies in style. Enjoy safe, comfortable and...
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Dog Grooming

71 products
Keep your dog neat and well groomed with our range of pet grooming products. Here you'll find brushes, combs, clippers and scissors to keep your dog looking its...
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Dog Healthcare

45 products
Keep your dog healthy from head to tail. Take a look at the range Nest Pets has to offer to keep your dog healthy, hygienic...
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Bowls & Feeding Accessories

20 products
We have a range of feeding accessories to suit every home. Find your dog the perfect bowl that matches their personality. We have plastic, ceramic...
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Dog Coats and Clothing

51 products
Keep your pooch warm, dry and cosy with our range of coats, jumpers, bandanas and much more. Add some style with the most renowned brands. ...
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Dog Treats

195 products
Reward your pooch with our range of dog treats. Nest Pets has a wide range of different chewable treats. From bones, to sticks and small reward treats that...
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Dog Beds, Mats & Blankets

30 products
Your pooch needs a comfy place to curl up and our beds, mats and blankets are perfect for your pet to feel safe and sleep in comfort. Featuring...
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Poop & Clean Up

42 products
Our range of accessories makes poop and clean up easier, stress-free and as well as some of the range being kind to our environment. 
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Dog Toys

115 products
From tough to soft, we have a mouthful of the best dog toy brands for your pooch. Some of our range can only be seen here at...
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Training & Agility

8 products
Training your dog is not only very important but hugely rewarding and can make your life easier being a pet owner. Training indoors and outdoors,...
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Flea, Tick & Wormers

5 products
Fleas, ticks, and worms are pesky and can harm your dog's health. We have put together a range of treatments so that you can keep on...
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Dog Food (Coming Soon)

0 products
Nom nom nom. We are working hard to bring you a collection of amazing dog food, from wet to dry, meat, to vegan. Come back...
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