Can Maltese be left alone? Leaving your dog in the house


Maltese are known as family dogs. The cute breed is active and fearless, and is friendly. They are a good source of entertainment for the younger children. But, keeping Maltese at your home is not as easy as it seems. Because you will always wonder that can maltase be left alone at home?

Maltese are highly sensitive and can't live lonely, apart from other dog breeds. While leaving them alone at home to go office, you will always fear what they will do at home all alone.

Although these are genuine feelings of getting worried for Maltese, this article has complete information about Maltese, their nature, and tips on leaving them alone.

Let's explore the detailed information about the cute and glamorous dog.

Can Maltese be left alone for a longer period?

Leaving maltase alone at home could be a difficult option, but sometimes we do not have any other choice. 

Yes! We can leave them alone for 5-7 hours, but we have to take extra preventive care to prevent them from getting into trouble. Because due to their sensitive nature, Maltese dogs can develop anxiety and be worried. 

If you decide to leave them alone, you must consider the following factors.

  • Age: The age factor plays a vital role in the decision. You can't leave a bit Maltese puppy for more than 2 hours, But the elder Maltese can be left for 7-9 hours without a guardian.
  • Diet and feeding time:   Before leaving, you must feed them appropriately a, also keep in mind their eating schedule while going outside.
  • Bathroom breaks: Being an owner, you must be aware of your pet's bathroom routine; their timing of pooping always should be in mind.
  • Supervision: It is better not to leave Maltese alone for a more extended period. But if you are bound to a hectic routine, you must supervise them throughout the day. Keep a pet caretaker or install a pet camera for their supervision.

Consequences of leaving Maltese alone

Although Maltese are quite cooperative dogs, leaving them behind for an extended period can cause trouble.

 Following are some consequences which can happen with Maltese in loneliness.

Separation Anxiety

Anxiety is not an integral part of the human psyche only; it can be developed in animals due to some trauma or unexpected incident.

Being a family dog, Maltese love to be surrounded by people. 

If you leave them alone while going outside, the feeling of abundance can cause anxiety among Maltese.

If your little puppy is doing strange and unusual behavior, you must pay attention to him. Because maybe he is suffering from anxiety and doesn't want to get left alone.

Following are the symptoms of separation anxiety, which must be noted as soon as possible

  • Abrupt Barking: As soon as you left the Maltese at home, they will start barking unconditionally and will make noise a lot.
  • Marching or Stepping: After getting along, the little puppy will start a walk to and faro or up and down due to stress.
  • Anger and irritation: Being a friendly dog, the Maltese will show his anger and frustration after feeling a sense of abandoned.
  • Chewing and biting: Although all dogs love to chew their toys or other stuff, in fearful conditions, your Maltese will try to chew everything present around him, whether it is a shoe or a pillow.
  • Loss of urine control: The most horrible trauma of being lonely is that Maltese start urinating uncontrolled, and they pee all around.
  • Frequent Stool intervals: Maltese are usually very well-mannered and always go to their specific place for litter and urine. 

But the stress of anxiety and long-term negligence make them unconscious, and they start to do poo everywhere. 

  • Coprophagia: If the anxiety worsens, the dog will start eating his flesh. But this is a rare condition and can be caused due to multiple factors along with loneliness.

Health Risks for Maltese of Being Lonely

Maltese are a joyful breed; they love to enjoy with people. They are friendly and make good relationships with everyone around them. But when you leave them alone, they become sad and become unresponsive. 

Due to anxiety and fear, Maltese lose appetite and become weak gradually.

Also, excessive stress can cause fever and other health issues.

How to keep Maltese alone at home safely 

Although, Leaving Maltese alone can be a fearful thought for an owner who loves his pet-like family. 

But by keeping following guidelines in mind, your cam makes it easy for both you and your pet.

Train them to Live Alone

  • To overcome any problem in the future, you must train your dog how to live alone. Make a corner for the dog and teach him to use that space as much as possible.
  • Keep the dog food and water beside them so that they don't leave their space in search of food, and make them sure to eat from there while sitting alone. 
  • Place their litter box nearer to them to avoid mess caused by stool. And teach them to utilize that box.

Buy Pet Toys

Maltese can get irritated due to loneliness. Bring some pet toys for them to prevent boredom. Pet loves to play with these toys.

Make them Tired and exhausted before Leaving

If your Maltese is tired enough, he will get sleep right after your leaving. And will spend half of the time in bed. 

To make them tired, go for a short walk or play with them. This little activity will make them exhausted and fall asleep instantly.

Also, the walk is beneficial for health and will help them prevent obesity in the future.

Bring a friend Maltese

To avoid Maltese separation anxiety due to loneliness. Bring another puppy or pet for him. By this, your Maltese will spend his whole time with his friend and will not be worried due to your absence.

Sum Up 

Maltese is one of the cutest creatures on earth. If you always have a busy schedule and can't be at home for a long time, then, to be honest, you must not adopt Maltese as a pet. But if you love them and can't resist bringing them home, then through proper training, arranging food, and keeping extra care of them, Maltese can be left alone easily.

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