How to Treat Constipation in Dogs


If your dog feels uncomfortable while passing stool or looks irritable, Maybe he is suffering from Constipation. Treat your dog's Constipation as soon as possible to avoid further compilation.

Constipation in Dogs

Constipation is normal in pets, especially dogs, and occurs due to undigested food particles in the large intestine, which become hardened enough to pass quickly. 

The food travels from the GI tract to the small intestine through a peristaltic movement. This movement pushes the food to the colon, where water absorption occurs, and stool becomes. Any disruption in peristalsis movement leads to the under absorption (Diarrhoea) or over absorption of water (Constipation). 

More water absorption lefts hard stool in the colon, which becomes painful while passing. Untreated constipation can lead to severe damage like rocky stools, which become impossible to pass and leads to piles.

Causes of Dog’s Constipation

The following could be the causes of Constipation among dogs.


 Older dogs are more prone to Constipation.


A sedentary lifestyle and inactive routine lead to Constipation.


Less water intake is the main reason for Constipation.


Lack of fiber intake makes the stool hard.

Trash eating: 

Eating from garbage and bones occupies the space in the Large intestine.

Gland issues:

Impaction can disturb anal glands.


Tumors in the digestive tract will create hurdles in Stool passage,

Joint Problems:

Arthritis and other bone problems could be one of the reasons for Constipation.


Usage of medicine like antacids, histamine, and diuretics can harden your stool.

Symptoms of Dog's Constipation

If your dog is showing unnatural behavior, you should check his health. Constipation can harm a dog's mood and health.

If you find the following signs in your dog, it means he is suffering from Constipation

  • Irritability
  • Uncomfortable while pooping
  • Hard stool
  • Blood in stool
  • Mucus in stool
  • Unable to defecate
  • Loss of appetite
  • Sudden weight loss
  • Growling at night
  • Squatting more

How to treat Constipation in Dogs?

Constipation is a general problem among Dogs and can be treated easily. If the Constipation is of an early level, then Home remedies will be the best solution. Otherwise, Complications in Constipation may lead to a visit to the Vet for treatment.

Here, we are sharing some tips to treat dog Constipation


You can treat your pet's Constipation by giving some items from your kitchen.

Fibrous Food

Fibers are essential for the body. They add softness to the stool and ease the path to release poop.

Food like Apple, Lettuce, Flaxseed, and Carrots are good sources of fibers for dogs. Add them to the dog's meal according to their needed portion. You will see the result in a day.


Pumpkin is highly recommended for a dog's Constipation. It is also fibrous food and full of moisture. If you use canned pumpkin puri, give one 1spoon per meal for small dogs. And add 4 tablespoons per meal for Giant dogs.

No canned pumpkin? Don’t worry; boil the pumpkin and mash it to make its puri. The pumpkin will fasten the bowel movement and will relieve Constipation soon.

Dog Food

Food may be one of the reasons for a dog's Constipation. Try to give dogs food to your pet instead of regular food. The canned dog food is highly moisturiser, and it will help make stool soften.

Always use high-quality branded dog food; the local food will disturb their stomach and cause health issues like fever, chills, vomiting, etc.

Increase Water Intake

Lack of water causes Constipation in both humans and dogs. To check the dehydration among dogs, Pick up the skin from the neck side and leave it; if it takes time to flatten back, increase their water intake.

Try to drink plenty of water, or you can add ice to make it attractive for dogs.


If the home remedies are not working for dogs' Constipation, then you must seek help through medicine.

Laxatives like lactulose, soften the stool instantly and make it easy to release. Use laxatives on Vet's recommendation only because long-term use of laxatives will cause health problems among dogs.


If the Constipation is not relieved through home remedies and laxatives, Constipation has become chronic.

For chronic Constipation, you will have to use an enema. It is a painful process as the injection or liquid enters the body through the rectum.

It is highly advised not to try enema treatment by yourself and seek the help of a Veterinarian.


A sedentary lifestyle and inactive days will slow down intestinal movement, causing Constipation.

Try to take your dog for a walk regularly; it will make them feel fresh and make their digestion great. Also, perform some exercises for dogs to ease the stool pass.

Complications of Constipation

If you have tried everything to treat your dog's Constipation and it's not working more. Then you must visit the Vet because the complications in Constipation will become severe, and the treatment will be intense.

Following are the treatments which can undergo for complicated Constipation

  • Frequent Use of Enema to make stool soft
  • Manual removal of stool segments that have accumulated in the colon
  • Probiotics to release the Constipation
  • In the severe stage, surgery can be done to treat the dog's condition

Why do Dogs develop Constipation Frequently?

Dogs are more prone to Constipation, especially the older ones. The reason could be any like imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Prostate enlargement in dogs is most common and is also one reason for Constipation.

If your dog is not taking adequate fiber in the diet and is lacking water intake, it will definitely make them subjective to Constipation.

Wrap Up

If your dog is suffering from constipation for a long time, he will become lethargic and develop aggressive behavior.

Although home remedies can ease Constipation, still it is advised to always go to a Vet to make the treatment easy and effective.

If Constipation is not treated in time, it will worsen the situation and make surgery possible. 

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