How many puppies can a Pitbull have


How many Puppies can a Pitbull have?

Having a Pitbull in your life could be the best decision, and the addition of his puppies will double the enjoyment in your life. Have you ever wondered how many puppies can a Pitbull have?

It is estimated that a Pitbull has an average of 5 puppies, but the number can be varied from breed to breed, or other factors can influence the birth of puppies.

This article will give you an insight into Pitbull and their puppies. Let’s explore the knowledge about your lovely Pitbull.

How many Puppies can a Pitbull have?

A Pitbull can have an average of 5 puppies per litter. But this quantity is not fixed and can be varied due to factors like Health, Age, Breed, etc.

But it would be best if you were prepared for almost 8-10 puppies, as they will occupy an ample space at your home.

Factors influencing Puppy's Birth

Following are the factors which can have an impact on the birth of Puppies.

1- Pitbull Size

Female Pitbull size matters a lot in a puppy's birth. It has been seen that a large size female Pitbull can have 8-12 babies at a time. On the other hand, the smaller or medium-sized Pitbull will produce only 5-6 puppies, which is good too.                                                                                           

2- Pitbull Age

The age of Pitbull's parents plays an essential role in the litter.

Mother's age: if the mother Pitbull is smaller, she will produce fewer pups; while getting younger, the size of the litter will increase.

But if the mother reaches the age of 7-8 years, she will lose the ability to give a larger litter, don't get worried if you have 2-3puppies at that time.

Fathers' age: The young and active dog can help in producing a larger litter of puppies, but the older one will not be able to give more babies.

After getting maturity, the older dog can have 2-3 puppies per litter.

3- Pitbull Breed

Dogs breeds have a significant impact on offspring's birth.

For example, the small size Pitbull like Staffordshire Terrier and Cavachon will have smaller litters of 3-4 babies. While the strong and more giant breed dogs, i.e., Hulk Pitbull or Mastiffs, can give 10-12 puppies per litter.

4- Interbreeding

Inter breeding or line breeding is a crucial step in Puppy's birth. In interbreeding, the owners pair up the two breeds to get more babies. But it must be done by high professionals as a slight negligence can result in fewer babies.

For example, the interbreeding between the two small-sized Pitbull of the same breeds will produce only 1-2 puppies. Also, the same breeding will end in unhealthy and smaller Puppy. While the pair of more potent and smaller Pitbull will have larger litter of 6-8 babies.

5- Breeding Time

With the right time, you can get larger litter through Pitbull. If the mother's ovulation period is near, the chances of more puppies will increase.

But sometimes, owners give artificial insemination to their old dogs to increase their sexuality, so if your dog is on artificial insemination, you must consult your vet for perfect timing.

Otherwise, natural breeding must have several ties to get the larger litter.

6- Mother Pitbull's Health

Female Pitbull's health must be considered first while going for breeding. An unhealthy mom will produce an ill baby and vice versa.

The weight of the mother is the main factor in pregnancy. For example, if the mother is overweight, she will develop joint problems and can cause complications in delivery like a human mother.

To avoid these hurdles, try not to feed extra to your dog, as overeating will cause obesity, which will lead to trouble.

Always have a meeting with your vet to ensure the feasibility of the mother Pitbull for pregnancy.

If the female dog has passed all the tests required for breeding, you must go on. Otherwise, it is better to take some time and care for her to produce healthy offspring.

Care of Pregnant Mother

When your female Pitbull is pregnant, it is your responsibility to take care of her.

Following are some guides to taking care of pregnant Pitbull.

1- Balanced Diet

A balanced diet will make the pregnant Pitbull healthy and active. An unhealthy diet will lead to fatty liver and obesity, which will be harmful to puppies.

To ensure the balanced food, keep talking with your vet and take a diet chart to him.

Follow the chart religiously, as the Pitbull is your responsibility.

2- Peaceful Environment

Like human mothers, Pitbull females can also have mood swings during pregnancy. Therefore, create a comfortable space for her. Try to make her bed in the darker room with no noise. This space will later be used for delivery, so keep stuff like a blanket, food bowls, and toys to make it cozy and comfortable for her.


During pregnancy, the female Pitbull will become lazy due to their weight. To make them active, do some non-exaggerated exercises or play with them. Also, you can go for a morning walk to make their mood fresh.


Can I Breed my Pitbull?

If you think you are an experienced person and will do the breeding process smoothly, you may take a chance—otherwise, it's a big No to breed your Pitbull by yourself.

Breeding needs a very experienced and professional person, and negligence will lead to unhealthy, unborn, or fewer puppies, i.e., 2-3 only per litter.

Breeding is a good option if you want to do a business by selling puppies. Otherwise, you can adopt pit bulls from shelters to increase your Pitbull family. They will get an owner, and you will get new joy for your family. Because taking care of Pitbull’s is a challenging routine itself.

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Normally Pitbull’s have averaged litter of 5-6 puppies, but exact timing, Perfect size, and good breed can double the production of babies. With the proper guideline from your Vet, you can make this process easy.

Therefore, always take care of your Pitbull’s while going for breeding.

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