How to Stop Your Dog Barking


A barking dog can be an annoyance for you, your neighbors, and for anybody else who lives nearby. A barking dog is also a sign that something is wrong. But what can you do about it? How can you stop your dog from barking? When is it okay to let your dog bark? This blog will look at different aspects of barking dogs and how you can try and tackle the problem.

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Why do Dogs Bark?

When it comes to canines, it is a type of communication and while they might use it in different situations, the general concept is always the same which makes the dogs easier to understand by their humans. The following are the main reasons behind dog barking:


Dogs that have to spend long periods at home or in the backyard by themselves start suffering from separation anxiety and become frustrated without their mates around. In such cases, dogs bark for attention.


Dogs usually bark when they are fearful of any object or noise that takes them by surprise. The dog starts barking due to fear anywhere in a park or their home.


Some dogs bark when they see their playmate or owner this type of barking is known as happy barking.

Territorial barking

When an intruder comes into territory that your dog thinks of his own, this often the cause of too much barking. When the threat increases the barking also increases.

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How to Stop Your Dog Barking?

There are certain things that you can do to stop your dog from barking.

Remove the Motivation

If your dog starts barking, figure out what they're getting out of it. Dogs bark when they feel frustrated or want something, so take away the frustration or remove whatever they want. As dogs can't read our minds we have to understand what makes them go "bark".

For example, if they bark at people or other dogs when in the yard, then you should try your best to bring them inside. If they continue to bark while in an indoor area such as your living room, make sure you find a way to redirect their attention into something else that is more acceptable such as treat dispensing dog toys instead. The technique of closing the curtains when dogs act out on the living room window sill may also sometimes help with adjusting their bad behavior.

Don’t Respond To Them

Dogs will bark at times to get your attention, which is a natural instinctual habit that can be difficult to break. When they first start barking, ignore them completely while they're at it because of the act of acknowledging them by responding in any form further rewards their obnoxious behavior. Even if they're just barking because you petted them too much earlier!

Once they finally stop and take a breath, praise them verbally with a command like "Quiet", "Shh", etc. then reward their silence with a treat. Again, timing is crucial as you don't want to confuse your dog by rewarding good behavior for the wrong reason.

Teach Them to Not Bark

If your dog is barking because they want another dog to go away, then teach them to do something that will get that other dog to leave instead of barking. Something quite like sniffing the ground or going over to a toy instead of barking can train your pet that being quiet works better than making noise! Doing this consistently will help them understand that barking doesn’t always equal a good result for them.

You can also help your dog by obedience training in-home or class. It is an excellent way to build rapport with your dog and promote owner-canine communication. Active participation in obedience classes can be exhausting for owners, but it’s an important task to undertake because it will lay the groundwork necessary for training other solutions that require more intensive efforts down the road.

Give Them Sufficient Exercise

Make sure your dog gets enough exercise daily. A well-exercised dog is a happy dog, which means fewer behavioral problems. While people may not realize it, each dog is an individual so you must get to know your pet. There may be specially designed activities that work best for them depending on their age and breed (as well as health conditions if applicable). Dogs love chasing a ball and playing interactive games too.

Don’t Do Those Things That Scare Your Dog

If your dog is barking at you to let him outside because he is afraid of something nearby, try to avoid the frightening thing as much as possible. If he is barking when left alone, leave them more often than not and try to encourage him to get used to being alone by habituating him gradually before teaching them that it is alright. Consider using a dog-walker or pet sitter if you cannot be there with them yourself regularly enough.

Desensitise your dog

If indoor barking fits are due to an outside stimulus, try training your dog to ignore it. The best way is by using classical conditioning. Training a dog to stop barking in an environment where they can learn to ignore distractions - like out walking or playing with other dogs - is quite easy as many humans condition their pets regularly. You can also ask your friend to pass by, while you are training your dog and encourage your dog to stay quiet.

Consult a Professional

If you notice that your dog has become reactive due to his fear of strangers or other dogs, or if the above tips prove ineffective, find yourself a professional dog trainer. A good trainer can help reduce your dog's reactivity by addressing its root causes through proper training and behavior modification.


If you have a dog, you probably have experienced the frustration that comes with an incessant barker. No one wants to listen to constant barking, especially if it is disrupting your day-to-day activities. If you have a dog who barks frequently, you may be wondering how to stop your dog barking. We hope you can find your answer in our blog post today!


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