How to make a dog valentines box?

dog valentines box

This valentine, it’s time to celebrate the four legged cupid whose snuggles make our heart melt, barks tell tales of affection and tail wags bring the greatest joy. To all the pet parents, Valentine’s day is not just for humans! The love and affection we have for our furry friends needs to be celebrated too. So, if you are looking for creative or fun ways to make this day special for your woofy pal, why not make them a special Valentine's Day box? 

Get ready to paw-sitively adore your dog and spread some puppy love with this diy project. So, grab your crafting supplies and let's embark on a tail-wagging adventure together. From choosing the paw-fect box to adding heart melting decorations, get ready to sprinkle some love and joy into your pup's world. Let's make this Valentine's Day a doggone good one!


Materials to make a dog valentine box:

valentines day dog

Cardboard box - Select 1 sturdy box, you can upcycle any old shoe box, shipping box or a storage box.

Wrapping paper - Use appropriate shades that match with your dog for creating the doggy features and hues like red or pink to incorporate the valentine vibe.

Glue - 1 bottle of craft glue or glue stick.

Markers - 1 set of markers in assorted colors (black, brown, red, pink, etc.).

Decorative elements - Ribbons, heart shaped stickers, 1 sheet of construction paper or felt, glitters or pom poms.

Dog Accessories (include in the box) - collar, bandana, bow tie


Step by Step Instructions:

dog valentines box

#1 Prepare the box:

Choose the right cardboard box that can give your dog valentines box a sturdy foundation. Select a box that is big enough to hold the treats and gifts you plan to include for your dog. You can reuse any box and once you have selected your perfect box, cover it entirely with craft paper or wrapping paper of your choice. Also make sure that every inch of the box is neatly wrapped to create a visually appealing base for your decoration.

#2 Create the Doggy Decor:

When it comes to a dog valentines box, the box is incomplete without doggy decor. So, in order to transform your ordinary box into an adorable canine creation, cut out paper or felt dog ears and securely attach them to the top of the box using glue or tape. Use colorful pens or markers to draw a cute dog nose and mouth on the front of the box. Add expressive eyes, eyebrows and other facial features to give your dog a playful expression that will melt hearts.

#3 Adding Valentine's Day Elements:

After you have created a doggy face on your dog valentines box, add extra flair to it by incorporating various valentine themed things in the box. You can add heart cut outs on the outside of the box. 


Things to keep inside the dog valentines box-

valentines dog

Valentines dog toys: Another thing you can include in your dog valentines box is a valentine dog toy that can keep them entertained. Opt for toys that are shaped like hearts, red plush crab dog toys or interactive dog toys that can encourage physical activity and mental stimulation. Choose toys made from durable materials that can withstand chewing and rough play, ensuring hours of fun for your dog on Valentine's Day and beyond.

Dog valentine cards: In the simple dog valentine box, include a card specially designed for your dog. Add a heartfelt message that expresses love, appreciation and gratitude for their unconditional companionship. Decorate your card with paw prints, heart stickers and photos of your woofy pal for that extra special touch. The dog valentine card is not for pets but for the pet parents as it serves as reminders and mementos of their bond.

dog valentine

Valentine dog collars: Including things like valentine dog collars that your dog can use or wear is a must. Imagine your dog trotting down the street with a collar adorned with hearts, cupid’s arrows or romantic patterns on this valentine day, isn’t the image iconic. These heart dog collars will enhance the appearance of your dog and can serve as a festive accessory. While selecting the perfect valentine collar, make sure it is comfortable, safe to wear and comes with adjustable straps. 

Valentine dog treats: Creating a Valentine Day box for your dog without including treats is akin to dimming the sparkle in your pet’s eyes. Add the delicious goodies as per the preference of your goofy companion, you can make homemade treats or you can purchase treats for festive snack times. Make sure the dog treats you buy are  nutritious and suitable for your dog.

valentines dog bandana

Valentines dog bandana: Such accessories can add a touch of charm to your dog's personality that gives them the allure to turn heads in their direction. For the dog valentines box, you can select the bandana with valentine themed patterns such as hearts, kisses or love messages. This fashionable heart bandana should be soft and made with lightweight fabrics like cotton, polyester that are comfortable for your dog to wear.

#4 Personalization:

In the end make your dog valentines box special and unique, personalize it with thoughtful touches that reflects the personality of your pet. You can write your dog’s name or initials on the box using colorful markers or stickers to add a customized touch to your dog valentine box. Also include a small pocket to include the photos of your dog, this will make the box even more meaningful and memorable not only for your furry friends but for you as well.

Celebrate dog valentine - Tips!

happy valentine day dog

  • Add favorite things: Add your dog’s favorite things in the box as this thoughtful step will bring immense joy and excitement to your pup. This can give your box a personalized touch simultaneously adding an extra layer of delight to this valentine's day celebration.

  • Stay mindful of chewers: It is necessary to choose study objects and decorations for the box. Opt for toys that are not too hard or small so that there is no risk of swallowing or choking while exploring the box. 

  • Supervise your dog: When showing the box to your dog, keep an eye on them. Closely monitor them and make sure they don’t eat any decorations or inedible items. With this, you can safeguard your dog’s health and ensure your bonding time is joyous for both you and your pet.

  • Capture memories:  When celebrating valentine with your dog, keep your camera on hand so that you can capture the beautiful moments and treasure them forever. 

  • Dispose of packaging safely: After the celebration, make sure to dispose of any decorations that might be hazardous to ensure your dog’s well being. Prioritize safety and cleanliness in order to create a positive and enjoyable experience.

  • Woofy Thoughts!

    Dog valentines is not about giving your dogs - treats or toys, it is about creating beautiful memories with your paw-some friends. For the journey of the tiny paws to the mighty paws doesn’t last forever, making it even more important to treasure the precious moments we share with our companions. Let’s begin the valentine celebration to share smiles, snuggles and tail wags with your dog valentines day boxes.

    Whether your dog valentines box is adorned with hearts or covered in paw prints, what truly matters is the love that it symbolizes. So, as you present your valentines day dog gift, remember to rejoice in the warmth of their affection. Here is to a Valentine's Day filled with sloppy kisses. 

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