A Guide To Play With Your Puppy

How to play with your puppy? That is a question that every owner needs to answer. It is important to play with your puppy, but you need to know how to do it. The best way to learn is to look at some examples. In this article, we will look at different ways to play with your puppy and how you can do it in your own home. 

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How To Play With Your Puppy?

Dogs are pack animals by nature. They emulate the behaviours of the leader of their pack, whether that's a dog or a human. Providing adequate and healthy playtime for your furry friend is just one way to keep him stimulated and well behaved throughout his life - because even if you don't do it he will get into some bad habits. 

Puppies love to play even from a young age and you will see that a three-week-old puppy will love to run around. Here we will discuss some of the obvious ways you can play with your puppy. 

Give Toys To Play 

Puppies need to be encouraged to have a variety of play behaviours and toys that offer different textures can set them off on the right track. To help your puppy explore different types has to offer, try offering toys with different sizes, shapes, and textures.

This is the most effective method for determining what your puppy enjoys the most. You can also give them some food toys or puzzle toys to increase the mental activity of your pup. 

Playing with a puppy is fun and an enlightening experience for everyone involved. One way to keep things fresh and exciting when engaging with your furry friend is to group up toys by type and rotate them every couple of weeks so as not to rejuvenate their interest in one toy at the expense of another.

Play Old Fashioned Hide And Seek 

Playing hide-and-seek can be a lot of fun. To get the game started, first run away from your puppy while looking over your shoulder, calling her name, and then squatting down to pick her up into a playful snuggle. 

Next, repeat the process several times until you can no longer call her at all. Once she’s become good at “staying” with another person holding onto her leash, run away behind a tree or other large object for a great game of hide-and-seek.

Play Tug Of War

Giving your dog a tug of war toy is one way to stimulate their concentration and provides them with something to do when you’re not around. Rather than buying one for them, though, make it yourself – it’ll save you some money and allow you to communicate with your pet on a personal level.

One minute of playtime with a tug toy might seem like nothing for you, but for your dog, it's one of the most intense forms of exercise that can make both his mind and body stronger. Play will give your puppy brain a great workout as well as his muscles at the same time because it's strengthening its bond with you. 

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Teach New Tricks

Many pet owners find training to be monotonous, tedious, or time-consuming, but this doesn't have to be the case. It's possible to still provide your best friend with adequate stimulation and some fun at the same time. Simply playtime is a good opportunity for integrating some positive reinforcement into your pet's daily routine. 

There are some additional fun and interactive games that are a big part of puppy training. It consists of, including basic commands such as 'drop' to release toys or 'sit' before your puppy runs off to play with another dog in the park.

It's also exciting to begin formal obedience training with your pup when they've matured enough. It's essential that by the time they leave your home, they can easily respond to commands like sit, down, stay and come. 

Spend Some Time In Grooming

It’s important to take the time and groom your puppy. Give your pet a few extra pats and spend some quality time with them by rubbing their noses or running your hands through their fur as well as massaging their paws. By this, you will notice if any hygiene or health issues need to be looked at right away. Groom your puppy before they get too big so they can eventually become desensitised to being touched in general. That way they don't feel nervous during appointments.

Don’t Play Those Games That Involve Biting

When training a puppy, it's normal to start with the basics, laying down guidelines that you want your puppy to follow during and after playtime. Since a puppy will probably try to initiate play by running around the room and jumping on people's feet and hands. 

We've all had to learn how to deal with these naughty antics at some point. One of the most common problems owners face when playing with their puppies that are still so young is when they jump up on them or nip at them.

This behavior is cute in puppies because they're just small balls of fluff, but as they get bigger, it becomes less cute and more dangerous. That's why you have to be careful handling boisterous puppies that are still learning social signals. 

You must not give confusing messages to your puppy if you want him to play more correctly. Never use your hands or body to roughhouse with your puppy, including chasing games, wrestling, or tug of war. 

If a nippy puppy manages to get through to you during playtime, redirect him towards other appropriate chew toys instead of continuing the game further with no direction from you. You can either put down the toy and walk away if possible or put your hands behind your back so your pup is forced to direct all of his attention onto appropriate toys instead. With patience and consistency, this behavior should stop!

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It’s important to teach your puppy how to play appropriately. If you have a puppy at home and it gets too physical with you or its siblings while playing, they could hurt each other. This can make them scared of playing together in the future. If you know the basic rules to play with your puppy it's good for both of you.


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