Why do dogs lick their bed - 10 Reasons!

Why do dogs lick their bed

Entering your room and finding your furry bundle of joy passionately licking the bed…. 

The behavior of dogs often leaves us mystified and entertained as they seem to have an endless list of habits. One of these quirky habits is their penchant for licking their beds. Although it might seem puzzling and comical at first glance, there is still a deeper story behind this act. 

So if you are a seasoned pet guardian curious about this habit of your furry friend, you are at the right place. From exploring the instinctual behaviors inherited from their wild ancestors to uncovering potential emotional and medical explanations; In this blog, we will unravel the mysteries and find the answer to the question “why do dogs lick their bed”. Get a leash and join us as we navigate this curious case of dog licking beds and unlock secrets that will deepen their connection with our beloved pet.

Reasons - Why do dogs lick their beds? 

1. Dog lick their bed for comfort:

dog licking bed

Like humans find comfort in hugging a pillow or by licking their thumb, for a dog licking bed can be a soothing mechanism. Licking their luxury dog beds can bring about feelings of security and relaxation, especially when they are experiencing heightened stress or anxiety. Therefore, comfort is one of the reasons why do dogs lick their beds.

2. Dog mimics the puppy behavior:

Puppies instinctively lick their mothers and their littermates in order to bond with them. The action of licking naturally stimulates the flow of milk in mothers and also encourages social relationships within the litter. As adult dogs, they might continue to exhibit this behavior by licking objects like their bed or blanket as a means of recreating the same sense of warmth and safety they experienced during their early stages of life.

3. Check the taste and texture:

Why does dog lick the bed

Our pets can simply lick their bed because of the taste and texture also as sometimes the bed or bed sheets pick up scents and flavor from the dog’s environment, foods or treats. If dogs encounter an enjoyable flavor on the dog bed surface, they might engage in licking behavior as a result of curiosity or pleasure.

4. Licking beds for scent marking:

Dog keeps licking bed as a way to cope with stress or anxiety. Licking is often seen in response to stressful situations such as thunderstorms, being left alone, or encountering unfamiliar environments. Licking can be self soothing for dogs as the repetitive motion can act as natural stress relievers further helping the dog feel calmer.

5. Dog lick their bed as a cleaning Ritual: 

why do dogs lick their beds

Why does my dog lick his bed? - It is a question that can raise concerns for doggy parents. As parents understand that your pooch has a natural instinct to keep its sleeping area clean. Licking their bed may be a part of this cleaning ritual, helping them remove dirt, debris or even their own hair from the fabric. It is a behavior rooted in their survival instincts from their wild ancestors, who would groom and maintain their sleeping areas as a means of removing potential hazards.

6. To cope with stress or anxiety:

Dog keeps licking bed as a way to cope with stress or anxiety. Licking is often seen in response to stressful situations such as thunderstorms, being left alone, or encountering unfamiliar environments. Licking can be self soothing for dogs as the repetitive motion can act as natural stress relievers further helping the dog feel calmer.

7. Reduce boredom by licking:

dog keeps licking beds to reduce boredom

Dogs possess a need for both mental and physical stimulation as it is important to recognize that licking their bed may stem from a sense of boredom, particularly if the dog is not given ample opportunities for exercise, play, and social interaction. Depriving your pup of activities can be a reason why do dogs lick the bed.

8. Underlying medical issues:

Any underlying medical issues that impact a dog's well being can be a reason for why does dog lick beds. The issues may include allergies, skin irritations, or gastrointestinal problems and your furry friends can resort to this behavior as a way to alleviate discomfort or itchiness. It is crucial to observe the dog for any irritation and seek advice from a vet if the licking continues coupled with other symptoms.

9. Lack of training:

lack of training induces dog licking habits

If you see your dog licking bed at night or day, remember it can be because of a variety of reasons, including lack of training and guidance from their owners. Without clear boundaries and consistent redirection, dogs may develop habits like excessive licking that can persist over time. It is important to provide proper training and gentle redirection in order to address this behavior effectively and encourage more appropriate activities.

10. Relief from dental issues:

Dogs with gum disease or tooth decay can be seen licking their beds as it can give them relief from pain and irritation. When your dog licks bed sheets it can serve as a temporary solution for the underlying dental issues until professional treatment is sought. Ensuring regular dental check ups and proper dental care are crucial for safeguarding a dog's oral well being.

How to prevent dogs from licking their bed?

  •  Keeping the dogs busy: Offer engaging dog toys or dog treats to redirect their attention away from licking.
  • Clean the dog beds: Ensure the bed is clean and free from any scents or tastes.
  • Regular exercise: Ensure your dog gets sufficient physical and mental exercise to reduce anxiety and restlessness.
  • Regular check ups: Consult a veterinarian to rule out underlying medical issues or anxiety in case of excessive licking.
  • Observe your dog: Keep an eye on your dog when they are on their bed and intervene if you notice excessive licking.

Summing Up! 

In the quest of why do dogs lick their bed sheets, we have explored the various reasons behind this humorous act.  The next time you catch your pup in the act, remember it can be caused by multiple reasons and may require a visit to your vet. Remember, it is not just about the bed, it is a glimpse into their world, their connection to you, and their place in the animal kingdom. 

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