Training Made Simple: Top 10 Easiest Dogs to Train


Training a dog can transcend mere pet ownership, allowing for an enriching experience that deepens and solidifies the trust building between you and your canine companion. It facilitates in establishing an equilibrium of obedient behavior and cherished contentment within your beloved pet. However, not all breeds share similar learning capabilities or exhibit equivalent ardency to respond positively to the training protocols imposed. Some breeds showcase greater adaptability towards these techniques - they are naturally more receptive to commands which significantly simplifies strategy implementation with increased ease throughout this highly rewarding process.

In this blog, we take a deep dive into an exploration of the ten easiest dogs to train. These particular canines are recognized for their smarts, genuine capacity to satisfy, and speedy learning aptitudes. Regardless if you're a novice in owning dogs or someone armed with extensive knowledge in training them, these easiest dogs to train excel remarkably well in discipline and receptiveness. Henceforth making your training experience easy-going and engaging as we tackle each breed known to be responsive companions.


Dog Training Tools

Dog Training Tools


Dog training tools come in various forms and are designed to help trainers and dog owners teach their dogs basic commands, correct behavioral issues, and ensure their safety. Here are some common dog training tools:


  • Leash and Collar: Leashes and collars are fundamental tools for controlling dogs during walks and outdoor activities, promoting safety and obedience.
  • Clicker: A clicker is a training device that emits a distinct sound to reinforce positive behaviors, making it a valuable tool for effective training.
  • Dog Treats: Treats serve as motivational rewards during training sessions, encouraging dogs to learn and follow commands while enjoying a tasty incentive.
  • Whistle: Whistles are used for long-distance training, issuing commands that dogs can hear while often remaining inaudible to humans.
  • Harness: Training harnesses provide an alternative to collars, offering control and comfort, especially for dogs with specific needs or respiratory issues.
  • Puzzle Toys: These toys offer mental stimulation and prevent boredom, helping address behavioral issues through interactive play and problem-solving.

Tips on how to train your dog

#1 Begin training when your dog is a puppy, as they are more receptive to learning.

#2 Use treats, praise, and play to reward good behavior of the best behaved dogs, making your dog associate training with positive outcomes.

#3 Teach essential commands like sit, stay, come, and down, gradually increasing complexity.

#4 Be consistent with commands and rewards, ensuring that everyone in your household uses the same training methods.

#5 Keep training sessions brief to maintain your dog's interest and avoid frustration.

#6 Expose your dog to various people, animals, and environments to prevent fear and aggression.

#7 Introduce a crate as a safe space for your dog and use it for potty training and rest.

#8 Establish a potty routine, reward outdoor elimination, and avoid punishing accidents.

#9 Teach your dog to walk on a leash without pulling, using positive reinforcement.

#10 Train your dog to stay and come when called, starting with short distances and progressing.

#11 Consider professional obedience classes for structured training and socialization.

#12 Best behaved dog breeds learn at their own pace, so remain patient and avoid harsh punishments that may hinder progress.


What are the easiest dogs to train?

1st Easiest Dogs to Train - Labrador Retriever

Labrador easiest dog breeds to train

Labrador Retrievers, with their unwaveringly friendly and gentle demeanor, are recognized as some of the most readily trainable canine breeds in existence. Imbued with a natural eagerness to serve alongside an impressive array of intellectual capabilities, these easiest dog breeds to train encapsulate rapid learning ideals. Not only do Labradors establish themselves as prodigies when it comes to obedience training, but they also flourish extraordinarily well within activity-oriented environments involving agility exercises or fetching games-- exemplifying not just primal instincts but showcasing intricate cognitive skills too.

2nd Most well behaved dogs - Border Collie

A prevailing consensus frequently posits Border Collies as the epitome of canine intelligence. These easiest to train dogs exhibit substantial problem-solving prowess, combined with an untamed energy that demands continuous mental gymnastics and physical exertion to remain engaged and satisfied. The process of training a Border Collie transcends mere instruction; it morphs into an immensely rewarding experience characterized by their rapid comprehension, eagerness in learning new commands, and impressive performances during obedience contests which reflect their notable cognitive acuity.

3rd Easiest Dogs to Train - German Shepherd

German Shepherd easiest dog breed to train

German Shepherds, revered for their unwavering loyalty and notable intelligence, make a significant mark in the realm of working dogs. They tirelessly serve an array of roles with immense dedication that spans from police work to search and rescue operations all the way down to being remarkable assistance dogs. These easiest dog breed to train are inherently armed with protective instincts which when augmented by proper training, manifest as obedience coupled with reliability – impeccable traits one would seek in steadfast companionship.

4th Easiest Dogs to Train - Poodle

Poodles -  the easiest dog to train, esteemed for their superior intelligence and quick-witted temperament, are available in a diverse range of sizes. This unparalleled versatility renders them an exceptional match for households across the spectrum. Brilliantly embodying these traits are Standard Poodles; they display exceptional prowess in obedience training, displaying dexterity at learning various commands with adaptability that impresses trainers and observers alike.

5th Dogs easiest to train- Shetland Sheepdog

Easiest Dogs to Train Sheepdog

Shetland Sheepdogs, popularly referred to as Shelties, are highly regarded for their exceptional intelligence and agility. Their intellectual prowess allows them to excel in obedience training programs where they swiftly grasp complex commands. Frequently gracing different dog sports events, these easiest breed of dog to train demonstrate a remarkable proficiency in tasks associated with agility trials and herding exercises which not only showcase their physical skill but also reflect the keenness of their problem-solving abilities.

6th Easiest Dogs to Train - Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers, renowned not only for their friendly and affectionate disposition, are also famous for the ease with which they can be trained. Their sharp cognitive prowess coupled with an unerring desire to please makes them remarkably responsive to methods of positive reinforcement. What sets them apart is their rapid grasp on commands which is a testament to their intelligence.

7th Most well behaved dogs - Doberman Pinscher

Doberman easiest to train dog

Doberman Pinschers are not simply the easiest to train dog; they're brilliant, keen creatures characterized by profound loyalty. Esteemed for their innate protective instincts which lends itself to their remarkable guard-dog capabilities, these majestic animals showcase an exceptional inclination towards obedience training. A Doberman that has been nurtured with proper discipline and instruction is more than just a pet - it metamorphoses into a well-behaved comrade radiating steadfast allegiance and unwavering reliability.

8th Easiest to train dog - Papillon

While Papillons might be diminutive in physical stature, they indisputably possess an intellectual prowess that belies their small size. These dogs easiest to train belong to the 'toy' breed category but interestingly enough, are gifted with a sharp acumen and quick learning capability. Consequently, papillons often demonstrate eminent performances in obedience training or agility tasks — showcasing not just their cognitive abilities but also revealing hints of their robust individual personality traits ingrained into this specific dog breed's characteristics.

9th Most well behaved dogs - Basenji

Basenji Easiest Dogs to Train

Basenjis, notoriously recognized for their fiercely independent disposition, are concurrently celebrated for possessing a remarkably high level of intelligence. Although the endeavor of training a Basenji may necessitate depths of patience due to their self-reliant streak, this endurance is counterbalanced by both their swift cognitive adaptability and advanced problem-solving prowess. As such, whilst initially demanding, the process evolves into an intriguing journey that proves deeply satisfying in its complexity.

10th Easiest Dogs to Train - Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds, attributable to their genetic lineage as herding dogs, are characterized by a remarkable energy and intelligence. Their enduring spirit actively seeks out both mental and physical stimulation; this innate desire for engagement equips them with an eagerness to learn new tasks or commands. Coupled with their exceptional response rate during training sessions, these traits work in unison making Australian Shepherds perfect companions or working dogs.


Issues pets owner face while dog training 

  • Using inconsistent methods, commands, and rewards can confuse dogs.
  • Dogs can easily get distracted, making it hard to maintain focus during training.
  • Training older dogs may require more time and patience compared to puppies.
  • Improper use or overreliance on training tools may impact effective training efforts.
  • Correcting unwanted behaviors like barking, digging, or jumping can be challenging.
  • Health issues or physical limitations can affect a dog's ability to perform certain tasks.
  • Dogs can become anxious or fearful during training, especially if associated with punishment.

Bear in mind, even though certain breeds might be perceived as more trainable compared to others, it's crucial to acknowledge the fact that each dog is a unique entity embodying its distinct individual character. Achieving successful training isn't merely about breed but significantly pivots on implementing continual positive reinforcement tactics with unwavering consistency and patience. Regardless of whether your furry friend belongs to one of these so-called easiest dog breeds to train or not, all dogs have an inherent potential for transformation into well-disciplined and obedient companions provided there exists the right set of strategies coupled with undying dedication towards their training regimen.

Therefore, brace yourself for embarking upon this enriching journey with Nestpets characterized by extensive canine coaching that will not only bolster an unbreakable bond but also foster decisively disciplined behavior leading invariably toward a jubilant relationship imbued with harmony between you and your four-legged pal.

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